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BaKoMa modules for music and games.

This module includes popular macro packages described in chapters 7 (Preparing music scores: MusiXTeX) and 8 (Playing games: Chess, Xiangqi — Chinese Chess, Go, Backgammon, Bridge, Crosswords) of the ‘LaTeX graphics Companion’. They are precompiled for use, together with fonts and documentation, directly in BaKoMa TeX. Fonts used by some packages are converted into formats suitable both for printing and for PDF generation. For example, for Chess the diagram fonts are converted into vector Type 3 font format. Board black squares are coded as a gray color instead of dashing. This approach gives the best results on printers and displays. Fonts for in-line notation are in Type 1 font format. For Go the special fonts are too hard to convert automatically and have been efficiently coded in Type 3 font format. For Backgammon the fonts were originally dithered as halftone, making them unsuitable for PDF. The halftone was emulated by using a grey colour in Type 3 fonts.

See also bakoma.

The author is Basil Malyshev.

License: shareware Catalogued: 2007-12-17