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Bib management tools

A set of bibliography tools. Includes:
– aux2bib, a perl script which will take an .aux file and make a portable .bib file to go with it;
– bibify, a shell script that will optimise away one pass of the LaTeX/BibTeX cycle, in some cases
– bibkey, a shell script that finds entries whose "keyword" field matches the given keys (uses sed and awk);
– cleantex, a shell script to tidy up after a LaTeX run;
– looktex, a shell script to list entries that match a given regexp;
– makebib, a shell script to make an exportable .bib file from an existing (set of) .bib file(s) and an optional set of citations (uses sed)
– printbib, a shell script to make a dvi file from a .bib file, sorted by cite key, and including fields like "keyword", "abstract" and "comment"
– bib2html, a perl script that makes a browsable HTML version of a bibliography (several .bst files are supplied); and
– citekeys, a shell script that lists the citation keys of a .bib file.

The authors are David Kotz and Daniel Gildea.

License: lppl Catalogued: 2006-05-09