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Support for use of Bitstream fonts.

Font metrics, dvips maps, and macro support in LaTeX2e, for Bitstream fonts that were (allegedly) freely available at some time. All the fonts are listed for purchase on font distribution sites.

Font families supported are:
– Bitstream Charter;
– Caslon 540 and Caslon Openface;
– Courier 10 Pitch;
– De Vinne Text;
– Elegant Garamond, otherwise known as Granjon;
– Humanist 521, otherwise known as Gill Sans;
– ‘Melior’, formally known as Zapf Elliptical 711;
– Optima, otherwise known as Zapf Humanist 601;
– Modern 735, based on Bodoni Campanile;
– Modern No.20;
– Palatino, otherwise known as Zapf Calligraphic 801;
– Peignot, otherwise known as Exotic 350 Bold;
– Plantin, otherwise known as Aldine 721;
– Stempel Garamond, otherwise known as Original Garamond;
– Schneidler;
– Univers, otherwise known as Zurich.

The author is unknown.

License: noinfo Catalogued: 2008-12-13