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Mathematical fonts to fit with particular text fonts.

The Math Design project offers free mathematical fonts, and "faked" Caps-and-Small-Caps fonts, that fit with existing text fonts.

So far, four font families are available:
– the mdput family, which corresponds to Adobe Utopia text fonts;
– the mdugm family, which corresponds to URW Garamond text fonts;
– the mdfga family, which corresponds to the (commercial) Fontsite Garamond text fonts;
– the mdbch family, which corresponds to Bitstream Charter text fonts.

Each maths font has a range of extra symbols, and blackboard bold and ‘mathcal’ alphabets.

See also fourier.

The author is Paul Pichaureau. The package is Copyright © 2003 Paul Pichaureau for the MathDesign Project.

License: gpl Version: 1.55 Catalogued: 2008-01-16