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Plot-manipulation macros for use in Metapost.

MetaPlot is a set of Metapost macros for manipulating pre-generated plots (and similar objects), and formatting them for inclusion in a Metapost figure. The intent is that the plots can be generated by some outside program, in an abstract manner that does not require making decisions about on-page sizing and layout, and then they can be imported into MetaPlot and arranged using the full capabilities of Metapost. Metaplot also includes a very flexible set of macros for generating plot axes, which may be useful in other contexts as well.

Presently, MetaPlot is in something of a pre-release beta state; it is quite functional, but the syntax of the commands are still potentially in flux. Bug reports and other suggestions would be most welcome!

The author is Brooks Moses. The package is Copyright © 2004-2005 Brooks Moses.

License: lppl Version: 0.91 Catalogued: 2006-11-09