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Use MathTime complete under LaTeX.

A package to use the MathTime and MathTimePLUS (“MathTime complete”) fonts, as distributed by Y&Y, inc, in LaTeX2e. Everything is included, including (patched) font metrics, except, of course, the Type 1 fonts themselves. The package cooperates with the AMS packages (amsmath, amssymb, etc.); T1 and OT1 encodings (as operator fonts) are fully supported. The package does not assume you own any other commercial (non-printer-resident) fonts.

This package has no connection with the mathtime package by Frank Mittelbach and David Carlisle, commissioned by Y&Y. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the package will work with the “MathTime Pro” fonts distributed by Personal TeX Inc (which have superseded the Y&Y distribution).

The author is Drahoslav Lím.

License: lppl Catalogued: 2007-10-07