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Use PostScript commands inside a pdfLaTeX document.

This LaTeX package provides a way to use PostScript commands (e.g., PSTricks graphics, PSfrag replacements, EPS graphics) inside a pdfLaTeX processed document. You need recent versions of the LaTeX packages preview, ifpdf, ifvtex and a new LaTeX base installation. All PostScript related commands, including `\usepackage', must be a parameter of the 'PSforPDF' macro. For details see the test file 'ps4pdf-test.tex'. The PDF document is generated via dvips and ps2pdf.

This package is now deprecated: it is recommended that users try pst-pdf instead.

See also pdftricks.

The author is Rolf Niepraschk.

License: lppl Version: 0.6i Catalogued: 2008-11-30