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Draw perspective views of 3D solids.

The package is designed to draw solids in 3d perspective. Features include:
– create primitive solids;
– create solids by including a list of its vertices and faces;
– faces of solids and surfaces can be colored by choosing from a very large palette of colors;
– draw parametric surfaces in algebraic and reverse polish notation;
– create explicit and parameterized algebraic functions drawn in 2 or 3 dimensions;
– project text onto a plane and onto the faces of a solid;
– support for including external database files

The authors are Jean-Paul Vignault, Manuel Luque and Arnaud Schmittbuhl. The package is Copyright © 2008 Manuel Luque, Arnaud Schmittbuhl, Jean-Paul Vignault.

License: lppl Version: 4.15 Catalogued: 2009-09-07