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Show "realistic" quotes in verbatim.

Computer Modern Typewriter is the best font for program listings, but it prints ` and ' as bent opening and closing single quotes. Other fonts, and most programming languages, print ` as a grave accent and ' upright; ' is used both to open and to close quoted strings.

This package switches the typewriter font to Computer Modern Typewriter (regardless of other fonts in use, so long as this package is called afterward) and modifies the behavior of verbatim, verbatim*, verb, and verb* to print ` and ' the desired way. The package does not affect \tt, \texttt, etc.

The authors are Michael Covington and Frank Mittelbach. The package is Copyright © 2003 Michael A. Covington, Frank Mittelbach.

License: lppl1.2 Version: v1.1 Catalogued: 2009-10-10